Click on the link to find Foxton Parish Council's rules for general use of the recreation ground and event organisation.  If you are considering holding an event on the recreation ground please read these rules for information and contact the Parish Clerk at:

10 October 2021, 23:00:00

Foxton Recreation Ground Improvement Consultation Deadline 19 October 2021

For anyone unable to come to the Village Hall on 9 October to view the emerging design for the play area, community seating and biodiversity, have a look at these Plans.

This consultation is open to Tuesday 19 October 2021. Foxton Parish Council welcomes comments from all ages, especially our local children and teenagers.

10 October 2021, 23:00:00

Children and Teen Areas Plan

10 October 2021, 23:00:00

Site Context Plan

13 April 2021, 17:00:00

Fish and Chip Street Food

Foxton Recreation Ground Trust has given permission for Ocean Tree fish and chips to trade on a trial period of 6 months on Wednesday evenings. More information on Ocean Tree can be found via the link


10 October 2021, 23:00:00

Master Plan

Please look at the letters in the corners of the photos and refer to the key. Kindly email your responses to

6 December 2021, 00:00:00

Recreation Ground Improvement - update