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Foxton Granta Cricket
Congratulations to the 1st XI cricket team for reaching the semi-finals of the Village Cup. It is a great achievement to go that far in a national tournament. Better luck next year and let’s hope they get to Lords.

Update on Greater Cambridge Planning Local Plan Call for Sites
The new Greater Cambridge Local Plan currently has 19 suggested new sites county–wide, which are thought to be suitable for additional development to meet housing needs up to 2041. These were chosen from 900 sites put forward. The proposed sites have no planning status yet, and will not have this until the new Plan is adopted, which may not be until 2024 or 2025.

A Call for Sites was undertaken in 2021 as part of the emerging new Local Plan, with twelve sites put forward in Foxton. All these sites were rejected by SCDC planning. Further amendments to some of these site proposals have now been submitted and the Parish Council had the opportunity to respond to these amendments and add any new information by 12 September 2022.

The sites that have had new information submitted are:
1. Land behind High Street – the fields up to Foxton Woods on both sides of the public footpath – owned by Cambridgeshire County Council. The required development area has been reduced to 5 hectares and the number of dwellings has dropped from 486 to 90 with landscape buffers offered. It was suggested that this could be due to the strength of the Neighbourhood Plan but it should be noted that transport regulations state that any development over 100 dwellings require two access points. There is only one viable access to this location. Drainage, flooding, environmental/ habitat impact and electrical grid capacity were raised as concerns if this development went ahead.

2. The Parish Council had submitted a Green Call for Sites application for the same County Council owned land as in 1, to turn the land into a publicly accessible natural area. New information will now be submitted on the Parish Council’s behalf to support this application. We will see how the Local Plan officers respond.

3. Two other sites, one behind the houses on Barrington Road and one opposite the entrance to Mead’s farm on the A10 are on land that has been requested to be removed from the Green Belt. The latter site was being promoted as a 175-space car park for Foxton station plus bicycle spaces and the 2.52 hectares for employment/business use and the former site for 60-90 dwellings.

Update on Burlington Press site
Mission Street, the owners of the Burlington Press site, has sold their future land development option to Hill Ltd, who built Challis Close. Mission Street has stated that they only want to develop the Press buildings and immediate surroundings, as an R&D venture.
The current planning application for alterations to the site entrance and other works is to be decided by South Cambs District Planning.
Mission Street will then submit a much more extensive and detailed planning application for the major site project.

Update on Trinity School site on Station Road
There is still no planning application for this site from the owners, This Land Ltd, who are the wholly Cambridgeshire County Council owned development company. The Parish Council has asked This Land to ensure that the site is kept tidy and that the old school and chapel building are kept in a decent state of repair.

Ash Tree on the Recreation Ground
A report on the ash tree on the recreation ground, by the Illingworth Way path, has found no particular change in the tree from the previous test and showed that decay was being held at bay. It was recommended to survey the tree again in approximately 3 years’ time but we will err on the side of caution and review the tree in 2 years’ time.

Update on the Playground and Community Space project on the Recreation Ground
The current design, published in the August edition of the Laurentian, is a smaller scale version of the design that was consulted on at the Scarecrow festival last year. It is for natural play, to encourage imaginative, cooperative and inclusive play, with a local Foxton theme. It is what the Parish Council think is possible, but nothing can be certain until grant and other funding is achieved. The current estimate for this project including new playground, community space and seating, water fountain and supply, landscaping and planting is currently being more accurately costed.

These costs also include professional fees for a quantity surveyor who will also project manage the whole scheme and handle the complicated tendering process required by South Cambs District Council. The PC has secured a favourable rate for his services to the project.

The Parish Council will make grant applications to all suitable local, regional and national grant making bodies. It will be very helpful to our grant bids to demonstrate community ‘buy-in’ to the project and there is a separate post on this subject. We will be doing some fundraising events.

Part of the project is to ensure that there is further provision on the recreation ground for teenagers and adults so the Recreation Ground Trust is currently seeking a grant for 4 pieces of suitable gym equipment which will be located along the allotment/skate park fence. If the grant bid for this is not successful, than RGT will fund the equipment.

Verge cutting around the parish
The Parish Council undertake some of the grass verge cutting work for Cambridgeshire County Council (which they pay for) along with the verge cutting done on our own behalf. After 3 years of chasing the CCC has finally provided us with updated verge maps. This means that we can now more accurately implement the environment policy of cutting a 1m strip where CC Highways insist because of road visibility safety, but we can leave more grass verge to grow longer, thus encouraging nature and saving costs. The plan is reviewed regularly to ensure the optimum environmental care linked with keeping the verges tidy.

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