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Parish Council Election - May 2015

Candidates for election to Foxton Parish Council – May 2015

On 7th May 2015, you will have the opportunity to elect members of Foxton Parish Council. There are 9 places on the council.

The following 12 candidates are standing for election. Applicants were invited to submit a statement of up to 50 words, together with a photo if desired.


Geoffrey Donald BARNES  (51, Fowlmere Road, Foxton, Cambridge, CB22 6RT)


I seek re-election to the Parish Council on which I have been pleased to serve for many years.

Born here I have had a lifelong interest in Foxton's past, present and future.

I have been involved in various village organisations and activities.

I also serve as a School Governor.






Barbara Jane BLACK (9 West Hill Road, Foxton, Cambridge, CB22 6SZ)


As village Postmaster for 19 years I got to know a great many residents and since leaving the shop I have more time and would like to give something back to our community. I am Chairman of the Senior Citizens Help Group and a regular drive for the Car Scheme.






Malcolm Roy BORE (27 West Hill Road, Foxton, Cambridge, CB22 6SZ)



Chartered Surveyor (Retired)

Foxton resident for 40 years

I have served as a Parish Councillor 1994 -2003 and 2011 - 2015. I am currently Chairman of the planning sub committee.





Simon John BUGGEY (9 Edis Way, Foxton, Cambridge, CB22 6RW)

I hope to bring a fresh voice and perspective to the Parish Council. Over the past 12 years I have made an active contribution to the village and my extensive experience of working in local and central government will be an asset when serving the interests of everyone in Foxton.


Christine ECKERS (81 High Street, Foxton, CB22 6RP)



Foxton is a great place to live and I want to help ensure it stays that way.

I have been involved with charity fund raising for the Foxton theatre group and have a background in efficiency improvement and organizational management and believe I can bring these skills to help Foxton.






Liam Richard ELLIOTT (1 West Hill Road, Foxton, Cambs, CB22 6SZ)

     Lived in Foxton for 13 years; married with 2 daughters.

Chair of school PTA, Secretary of Badminton club.

Served on Parish Council for 4 years; secretary of Planning Committee and IT & web site coordinator.

I would like to help Foxton continue to be a fantastic place to live.


Colin GRINDLEY (7 Fowlmere Road, Foxton, Cambridge, CB22 6RT)


Colin has lived in Foxton for thirty years.  He is a retired architect, interested in the village history, its environment, community facilities and needs. He’s been a parish councillor since 2002, and vice-chairman of council for nine years.  Colin favours extending the conservation area and preparing a parish neighbourhood plan.








Caroline Sarah ILOTT (Ashburton House, 69 High Street, Foxton, Cambridgeshire, CB22 6RP)


My family have lived here since 2003. My background is in business and marketing. I have been Chair of Governors for over 6 years at Granta, the special needs school in Linton. I have experience in dealing with major planning applications and feel I could be of service to Foxton.






Ron MCCREERY (The Laurels, 7 High Street, Foxton, Cambridge, CB22 6SP)


I have lived in the village for over 30 years.  My business experience was in general and financial management.  I served on the last Parish Council on the Finance Committee and as Chairman of Recreation and Amenities, helping to secure funds and create the new Play Area and Skatepark.








Peter John SUTTON (2 West Hill Road, Foxton, Cambridge, CB22 6SZ)

Foxton Resident for 38 years                                                                         

Co-opted to Foxton Parish Council in December 2008                                          

Chairman of Finance Working Party 2008- 2015                                                      

Member of Planning Committee 2011-2015                                                             

Foxton Recreation Ground Trust - Responsible for Preparation of Annual Accounts and Investment of Funds                                                               

Chartered Accountant - Sole Practitioner                                                    


Jane Catherine TREVANION (27 Illingworth Way, Foxton, Cambridgeshire, CB22 6RY)



After living in Foxton for 11 years I would like to return something to the village by being actively involved in maintaining its character.  Through my work in the pharmaceutical industry I am experienced in working within legislation.  I like working flexibly and interactively to ensure projects are completed.







Peter TYE (46 Hillfield, Foxton, Cambs, CB22 6RZ)

I have been in front line public service for over 25 years, working with both local government and residents in various areas, including Housing, Environment, and Repair panels, also as a resident inspector for local government.

I have also attended local Police meetings with residents working towards a better community.


The offical notice of poll can be found here.